You're losing facial bone by not placing dental implants

Tired of those bulky loose painful dentures?

Can you imagine yourself...
Forgetting about denture sore spots on your gums,
without the sticky denture paste once and for all,
eliminating any chance of slips or flops of your teeth falling out,
& biting an apple again?
All of these benefits and more...


Dental Implants can give you that smile of natural confidence


Remember, as you chew you rub the denture against your gums and accelerate facial bone loss. Then you will need the denture refitted or remade continuously until there is no bone to hold on to.

Dental implants are titanium fixtures, somewhat similar to a screw, that are placed into the jawbone under the gums. The implants can then be used as an attachment for teeth. Once a tooth is removed, the bone begins to dissolve continuously. Dental implants help preserve facial structures and prevents bone loss by stimulating the bone from the inside similar to teeth.



Stages of Bone Loss


Other benefits:

-taste food better by having the roof of your mouth uncovered

-help preserve your facial bone. The sooner you get dental implants the less bone you will lose and possibly avoid bone grafting.

You owe it to yourself to smile without worrying. Dr. Sanz' unique skills have been focused on both dental implant placement and restoration. He will evaluate your condition to create and restore a secure beautiful smile for you once again.

With the All-Inclusive* treatment you know you are getting the best possible treatment at a flat fee. Treatment includes 4-8 implants, extractions, temporary teeth, bone reshaping, bone grafting, sinus lifts, and final teeth.
*Does not include sinus augmentation or ridge augmentation.

With historical results, it is the best long-term option. With proper care they can last you a lifetime. You will avoid the repeating costs of replacing dentures, denture pastes, and save your facial bone.



"This is much better than loose dentures. These don't come out and I chew so much better. Thanks Dr. Sanz."
"I love my smile. Thanks Dr. Sanz."
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Implant dentistry is not a legal distinct specialty. Dr. Sanz is licensed as a general dentist in the state of Illinois.